No Splash, No Worries

There’s an old proverb that says “necessity is the mother of invention.” 

So, when Jim Segredos, Seima’s Managing Director, found himself covered with water while washing the dishes one day, he had an idea that could really make a splash. 

What if you could create a double bowl sink, where the two bowls are so close together that you can move a running tap between them without splashing?

Enter: the Blade ‘No-Splash’ kitchen sink. 

Released in 2016 as part of the Seima Smart collection, the Blade sink was a first of its kind for the Australian building industry.

Not only does it prevent unwanted splashing, it also provides a long-awaited solution for kitchen designers. 

“For years we had kitchen designers asking us how close we could put two bowls together,” Jim said. 

“Quite often people put two sinks in their kitchen, but many of them don’t want to see the stainless steel bridge between two bowls — they want their benchtop to be the ‘hero’.

“So, they manufacture the benchtop to allow for a bridge between the two bowls.”

Being so thin, this bridge often creates a weak spot in a stone benchtop. If something heavy were to fall on it — like a cast iron pot — it could result in breakage.

“By butting up the two sinks, you avoid splashing, and you also avoid needing to put stone across the two bowls to hide the top of the stainless steel.

“The benchtop remains the hero, while the sink vanishes into the background.” 

With a barely visible 2mm divider, the Blade sink was a finalist in the 2016 HIA-CSR Industry Innovation Awards. 

While the Blade was initially intended to be an undermount sink, we finished the Tetra rim with a brushed satin finish and the Kubic rim with a silk finish, allowing them to be installed in an above mount position, too. 

The stainless steel rim sits on top of the bench top and has the added bonus of protecting the bench top edge from being chipped by pots and pans, preserving the durability of a new kitchen.

“Designing our product ranges is as much of an artform as it is clever engineering,” Jim said. 

“Our engineers and industrial designers tap into some pretty significant expertise around the world.

“We also work closely with the design and manufacturing teams from some of Australia’s most well-known and trusted builders, who happily give us feedback and we work collaboratively to find solutions to their problems.” 

While it was released almost six years ago, the Blade remains one of Seima’s most popular products.. 

With innovation in our blood, we’re continuing to evolve the Blade sink to make this game-changing product available to more people. 

“The initial release of the Blade sat within our premium series of sinks, but we’ve since evolved the technology so we’ve been able to make these sinks accessible to more people. 

Explore the full range of Blade ‘No-Splash’ sinks, and all the products in the innovative Seima Smart collection here.

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