Meet our popular Pop Out Wastes

When you’re designing or installing a bathroom, sometimes it’s the little things that have the biggest impact on functionality and end-use.

Since launching in 2022, Seima’s Pop Out basin and bath wastes and FlexiWaste bath kits — part of the innovative ‘Seima Smart’, in our Evolve Collection — have taken the plumbing industry by storm, revolutionising installation processes, combatting drainage issues and making cleaning a breeze.

Where traditional ‘pop up and pop down’ wastes have a tendency to seize up, the unique features of the Pop Out basin and bath wastes are able to solve this problem in both baths and basins, Jim Segredos, Seima’s Managing Director, said.

“For baths, the Pop Out has two main advantages.

“The first advantage is that it pulls out completely and leaves the entire waste hole exposed, which means that you’re getting (whether it’s in the open-mode or removed) fast drainage, because it doesn’t restrict the waste hole.

“The second advantage is for cleaning — even when hair or debris gets caught on the prongs, water will still be able to drain out.”

There are additional benefits of using Seima’s Pop Out waste in a basin.

“In a basin, you have the issue of debris, as well as seizure,” Jim explains.

“When people use chemicals to clean their basin, it can wash out the grease that is found in traditional wastes, which means it seizes.

“Then you have the issue of the ‘gunk’ build-up.

“In a pop up waste, you have to unscrew it and clean it, but with the Pop Out waste, you can physically pull it out, rinse and clean it.

“The whole design is about keeping the basin as gunk-free as possible, for both an aesthetic and flow-rate perspective.”

Seima’s range of Pop Out wastes are now available in a variety of colours and finishes — from chrome, to brushed gold and in our Aurora range of colours — to suit the design and style of any bathroom.

The Pop Out wastes have been designed to work in tandem with Seima’s FlexiWaste bath kits, which were initially developed as a solution for providing colour in a freestanding bath, Jim said.

“Traditionally, you had a limited choice of colours — basically a chrome finish, and that was it — whereas nowadays, people are colour matching in the bathroom.

“Like the Pop Out wastes, the FlexiWaste bath kits come in a range of finishes and colours, including anything from gunmetal to brushed gold.”

Available in overflow and non-overflow, each FlexiWaste bath kit comes with an innovative StarConnect bath waste connector, which helps to address common installation problems for freestanding baths.

“When installing freestanding baths, plumbers generally only have 100mm of workable space between the floor of the bathroom and bottom of the bath to get the pipes and plumbing and overflow channels to fit,” Jim said.

“In some cases, it is less than that, and if they don’t fit, plumbers need to use a jackhammer, which can penetrate the waterproofing, and becomes a liability.

“The StarConnect device can be installed into a void as small as 75mm, which is quite unique, meaning the plumber never needs to penetrate the waterproofing.

“You can also configure and rotate it around so it meets almost any installation layout, irrespective of the direction of the overflow hole, or the exit waste point in the floor.”

The innovative approach and universal design of Seima’s latest range of bathroom extras means it’s been received exceptionally well by the industry.

“The popularity of these products have exceeded our expectation, that’s for sure,” Jim said.

“They’re a universal design, so plumbers love the fact that you hold one version for any basin, and they’re available in all of our standard colours.

“From now on, our FlexiWaste kit is going out as standard with any bath that requires an overflow from Seima.”

Explore the benefits of Seima’s range of innovative bathroom extras on your next project in our Seima Smart collection.

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