The best of both worlds

When innovative engineers collaborate with award-winning designers, you know there’ll be no compromise on form or function. 

The Arqstone Oros range — developed over a period of two years with award-winning Australian kitchen designers — is a stunning range of kitchen, laundry and outdoor sinks manufactured from natural stone and resin.

Together, our collaboration has enabled us to develop a product in flow with the needs of industry: designed for ease of installation and crafted for strength and beauty. 

“We consulted with various award-winning kitchen designers to understand their pain points when it comes to kitchen sinks,” Jim Segredos, Managing Director at Seima said.

“We learnt that it was the subtle things that make all the difference.”

From the size of the sinks in the Arqstone Oros range — part of our illustrious Fusion collection — to their configuration and the two colour options, everything has been intentionally developed with the needs of kitchen designers and kitchen users in mind, Jim explains. 

“We wanted to make sure the sink could easily be installed, so the width has been specifically designed so it will fit in a 900mm cupboard, allowing the fingers of the installer to get in and underneath.

“The shade of white we’ve chosen for the sink also works perfectly with the colour palette of two of the most popular types of marble used in kitchens, Calacatta and Carrara marble.” 

The quartz composite sinks featured in the Arqstone Oros range come in two colours — white and black — and offer lasting strength and durability.

“We choose quartz for many reasons,” Jim said. 

“Firstly, it’s strong, secondly, it’s less susceptible to absorbing stains , and thirdly, because of the colour palette.” 

In order to prove the strength of the Arqstone Oros range, Seima went “above and beyond” during the thermal testing process, Jim said.

“While most manufacturers undertake some degree of thermal testing, we went above and beyond when it came to the thermal testing process for the ArqstoneTM range.

“We put portions of the sink in a freezer set to -15 degrees, then took them out and poured boiling water straight onto them — several times. 

“We then put portions of the sink into a 180 degree oven, to really test the stability of material, resin and its thermal characteristics.

“The material held-up beautifully.”

As well as having a high-resistance to extreme temperatures, the resins are robust enough to resist staining, meaning they can also be cleaned easily. 

“The easy-clean properties of these sinks are entirely related to the resins that have been chosen,” Jim said. 

These same resins also allow for consistency of colour. 

“We have a deep black, which is very popular as it doesn’t have a lot of speckle throughout, and the whites are fairly unique too.

“They’re quite a ‘white’ white, which pairs well with both warm and cool whites, with a very consistent colour, and they stay that way due to the quality of the resin. ”

Since its release, the Arqstone Oros range has proved so popular in both the residential and commercial markets that Seima is in the process of releasing more models. 

“Just like the rest of our Fusion collection, The Arqstone Oros range is ridiculously popular.

“I think it all comes down to the fact that there’s nothing else like it on the market — especially in the butler’s sink style. 

“There’s no other butler’s sink that’s been crafted from natural stone, in that colour, with such tight tolerances,” Jim said. 

Explore the Fusion collection and full range of ArqstoneTM kitchen, laundry and outdoor sinks — and accessories including roll-out mats, cutting boards and a drainer baskets — on our product page today.

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