Odessa Obsession: style meets function with our fireclay sinks

Kitchens and laundries are the dynamic duo of domestic multitasking, requiring fixtures that not only complement the overall style of the home but are built to withstand the test of time. 

Seima has captured this seamless blend of style and function with our stunning new Odessa kitchen sink collection. 

This latest collection includes sinks made from fireclay, a clay-based ceramic heated inside a kiln at extremely high temperatures to create a product with the perfection of ceramic, and the resilience of heavier clay. 

Crafted into timeless designs poised to stand the test of time, the Odessa Collection provides the perfect solution in any kitchen or laundry. 

In this article, we delve into the allure of fireclay sinks, exploring their distinctive qualities, enduring appeal, and why the Odessa collection might just be the perfect addition to your kitchen or laundry. 


The versatility of the Odessa Collection is what truly sets it apart. 

The Odessa Collection can be installed as apron-front, undermount, and abovemount sinks, with either a single or double basin, suiting any kitchen size or layout.

Fireclay allows for finer lines and more precise radius of the ceramic, creating clean lines and simple elegance which delivers the unique sleek architectural form of this collection.

This finesse and clean design means the Odessa collection pairs well with different faucet styles and can also seamlessly integrate with various countertop materials, including granite, quartz, marble, and wood. 

Seima also produces colanders and wastes to complement the collection, which come in a range of colours, as well as wooden cutting boards which can sit over the sink to add extra bench space and an additional touch of style, which is particularly useful if you have the Odessa workstation. 

Whether you are building the space from scratch or looking for a replacement to fit an existing design, the Odessa fireclay ceramic kitchen sink collection has the versatility to create a cohesive look in almost any aesthetic.

Resilient and long-lasting beauty

Focusing on design and aesthetics is a core part of designing a kitchen or laundry, however it’s also impossible to ignore the practical functions needed for these spaces.

Fireclay has been used for centuries to withstand the toughest of conditions, so adding a fireclay ceramic sink to your kitchen or laundry is not merely an investment in style, but a commitment to a functional fixture that will maintain its beauty for years to come.

Fireclay is naturally resistant to stains, heat and chemicals, and the smooth and non-porous surface of fireclay sinks makes them easy to clean. This ensures the sink will continue to look its best for years to come, and prevents the growth of bacteria in a space where hygiene is of highest importance. 

All of our Odessa kitchen sinks are also coated with a durable, anti-bacterial glaze, adding an additional level of durability and hygiene technology for the ultimate peace of mind.

The robust construction of fireclay not only contributes to the sink’s longevity but also it’s non-crazing and resistant to surface scratching.

A timeless statement

Updating a kitchen or laundry is no mean feat, so any homeowner wants to know that they are investing in key items that will continue to look contemporary as trends continue to evolve. 

Thanks to their classic appearance, clean lines and smooth finish, the Odessa kitchen sink Collection holds a timeless elegance which provides the flexibility for homeowners to express their personal taste with a wide range of interior styles and design eras.

With features that can complement both traditional and modern design styles, the clean design ensures that the sink won’t look outdated as trends evolve and instead remain an elegant feature of your home.

Discover Odessa

If you think the Odessa Collection is the perfect inclusion for your next kitchen, you can view the collection now on the Seima website.
Sinks from the collection and Seima’s wider range can also be seen in-person at selected retailers around Australia.

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